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Who Are We

Looking for a
JOb while in
High school?

KunoConnect is a new service that will help you in your next job search.

Our Mission

We want to showcase the whole student. You won't just be judged on a written resume. Through our dynamic vetting system, your abilities and personality will shine through.   

Our Promise

Are you tired of searching for a job only for you to stumble on a "College experience requirement"?


We're here to change that.

Our Vision 

We hope that high school students will be able to kickstart their careers early.  Through KunoConnect, they can form professional connections that will be valuable in the future. 

What makes us different?

  KunoConnect is a user-friendly platform that helps you connect with employers and business professionals while exploring your passion. And while

 you're searching for jobs,  we'll guide you through the application so you truly learn how to apply.

Men's Accessories
Writing on Glass
Laptop Writing


We're using a new digital resume format to allow more individuality on your application. Students will be able to fully customize their application process so they can display all their talents. 

Forward Thinking

Our simple design will give you the tools to break into the job searching scene. Here you can explore different fields and connect with professionals.  

Customer Oriented

We're dedicated to making students' lives easier. The best way we can do this is through your feedback, send us some here:

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